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Mega Assault Course 140ft - £530

The Mega Assault Course. We don’t know where to begin. It is, um…well, MEGA! This mahoosive inflatable will without a shadow of a doubt be the main attraction at any party or event. With six sections of inflatables pieced together to maximise the space and megamise the fun (we don’t think that is a word either, but were going with it!) to make this show stopper your guests really will walk away with the wow factor. This course is set up in two 70ft long sections giving a total playing length of 140ft whilst still managing to fit within a reasonable sized area such as school playing fields and large gardens (please see dimensions for space requirements).

Area: Indoor or Outdoor

Age: Any age

Theme: Party Theme Only

Shower cover: No

Space required: 35W x 78L x 10H




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